SPORTS Gradually Gaining in Steem-engine Market

in hive-167922 •  2 months ago 


I have always invested in SPORTS since the wake of the Steem-engine tokens and currently attaining a whale status with over 10 million tokens staked for curation of quality #sportstalk and #actifit blogs on the hive Blockchain. Days ago after the Hive Fork, all steem tokens were dumping and SPORTS went as low as 0.00001 and some hodlers were feeling like it's an end for SPORTS. I maximized the moments and acquired more SPORTS and was able to reach 8 million personal stake and 2 million delegated stake by the end of March, 2020.

This feat feels very good for me as I will be able to give a warm welcome to the Nigerian Football league teams that would be joining us and would be setting up a sports foundation soon with SPORTS earnings. I am certain that SPORTS will grow again as high as $0.001. We may not exactly predict when but it would happen.

It's cool to see SPORTS gain by 75% in the LeoDex and the Steem-engine market, currently bid at 0.00003 steem. That's a huge growth and it would continue.

My morals on this investments are growing with such unique growth which can only get better. I think we are the days when one can buy SPORTS at it's cheapest rate. If you can, get more of them.

This is not a financial advice, but a reflection and log of my investments in the steem hive blockchain.

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