The Spread of my Votes in May, 2020: Can "" give these Stats for Hive Tribes?

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Curation is one amazing composition of the Hive blockchain which allows content consumers to earn cryptocurrency through their expression of "like" towards a particular content. Here, we call it "upvoting". The vote feature of the Hive blockchain gives the content consumer the privilege to decide how much rewards a certain content is worthy to receive.

The amount of Hive Power held in an account determines the amount of cryptocurrencies given out or denied in a single vote. The amount of Hive power owned by an account therefore becomes a basis for classification of a user as either a Redfish (less than 1000 HP), Minnow (1,000 to 9,999 HP), Dolphin (10,000 to 49,999 HP), Orca (50,000 to 499,999 HP) or whale (500,000 HP and above). @Arcange makes a regular statistics of the distribution of these classifications within the Hive blockchain. Below is a recent statistics for May.

Thanks to @abh12345 for helping me with the pie-chart showing my vote distribution last month after I made a request in this post. The chart as posted above as banner image was created using the figures in the below table. I was able to give out 808 unique votes last month and the distribution in terms of account HP categories are as below.

From the stats, we can see that contents created by minnows were my favourite with 41% of the entire month's total upvotes. This was followed by Newcomers (30%). Dolphins, Orcas and Whales shared the remaining 30% with whales being the least. This results shows that I was curating more within my Hive peer circle. That is, being a minnow, I gave more votes to minnows. Reasons could be that this sect are the users who so desires growth. They have understood the workings of the system and are ready to grow their Hive Power. They literally would create solid contents to grow their value.

I also showed great supports for new comers. I know what it feels like when you're new to the system and it seems nobody notices you. I decided to give more to them, also being that I regularly help onboard new users. Helping to grow others is a crucial thing on the Hive blockchain.

Within the tribes, I would consider my account a whale in the #Sportstalksocial tribe, while growing towards the orcaship category in the #Leofinance. This has been as a result of supports from other great curators of the tribes and my investment drive.

It's really beautiful to be able to track our growth and activities within the Hive ecosystem. I am pretty sure that in a few days when the new development within is out, we'll be able to track all our stats within the Hive blockchain including the tribes.

@abh12345 said mine looked good. I'll be glad to read yours too.

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