What I do when HIVE Bears - Buying and Staking Hive Tokens: LEO, SPORTS, CHARY

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Everyone investing into cryptocurrencies must always be conscious of price volatility. Whenever we enjoy bull market runs, we must also make provisions that a time when there'll be a bear.

One thing is sure that whenever the cryptocurrency market bulls, all investors who were able to acquire during the bear would try to make profits. In my thinking, it may be quite difficult for Bitcoin to reach $100,000. However, alt coins with awesome utility would have a way to grow, yet, a ear would always be.

For the past two weeks, HIVE has been following a downtrend in Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. However, two days ago has been far worse as HIVE "bears" down to the $0.21 mark.

Withdrawing HIVE at this stage into fiat is worth almost nothing and I think its best to reinvest and convert it into something working. Awesome alternatives for HIVE rewards at this time is powering up or investing in HIVE tokens.

I just deposited 26 HIVE worth about $5.5 to Hive-engine to enable me buy my choice Hive tokens for curation power.

My Best takes for now are LEO, SPORTS and CHARY tokens

I have purchased some LEO, SPORTS and CHARY tokens with the sole aim of staking them to increase my curation strength.



My short term targets for the above tokens are 50,000 LEO, 20 million SPORTS and 10,000 CHARY. In bits I'll get to reach that target and would be able to raise some more curation power and earnings as this bear market lasts.

Disclaimer: This is not a financial/investment advice. It is just my conviction about HIVE tokens. Always make your personal research before investing in Cryptocurrencies.

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Wow, if your goal is in the short term, imagine when you do something in the long term. You're almost there and I hope you can do it quickly.

It is really a good way to escape this sea of ​​blood that BTC causes. Tribal tokens are a good alternative to be able to have a better income in the future as it is better to have 100 tokens with the possibility of growth than just 10 HIVE.

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