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RE: Nextcolony: Auctioning my planet.(James)

in LeoFinancelast year

30 STEEM is a great price. I might have to sell some of my @steemmonsters cards or assets. But I think it will be worth it.


Actually I forget to mention that planet has 2 Blue prints activated.

  1. Carrier Bhun'il (it's counterpart blueprint i.e Carrier Unicorn cost 49 steem in shop.)
  2. Corvette Najtar (It's equivalent Blueprint cost 4.99 steem in shop.)

Sent 20 SD to you for resteeming.

Is the planet ready to be sold? I can pay upto 43.422 STEEM

yes, it is available. you can transfer the steem to "r1s2g3".

Sent the STEEM. Thanks for the deal :-)

should I send it to "vimukthi" ? or any other user?
I received steem, Thanks

Yes. Send it to this account.

Done . Thanks again for trade.

Received the planet. Very happy about the purchase :-)