Exhausting Weekend Activities.



Saleum Aneuk Nanggroe.

Sunday, 5/9/2021 solid activities accompany my trip today, on that weekend I did many things tirelessly, all the responsibilities on that day I lived one by one until it was finished.

Starting my morning activities with enthusiasm, the first thing I did was exercise cycling with my friends, I did this activity after enjoying breakfast at home with my family.


Cycling with friends is one of the activities that I do during the weekend. On that sunny morning, my friends and I gathered in the Bireuen city park and immediately went to Puncak Telaga Maneh. The distance from the city of Bireuen to this place is only 1 Km, we slowly rowed our bicycles until we arrived at our destination, when we arrived at the peak what we did was rest and breathe fresh air and enjoy the beautiful natural atmosphere. Our presence at the top of the peak until 09.00. Wib, then we went down and returned to our respective homes.




After exercising I immediately returned home to continue with the next activity, cleaning myself, changing clothes, that was the activity while I was at home. The next activity I did was rest while enjoying a cup of coffee with the village head, we talked about many things at The Coffee Beans Shop, coffee drinks became friends when the theme of the village development plan emerged from the conversation. I am here until 12.00. Wib and then I returned home.



Time continued to move and the afternoon returned to greet life, because there was a celebration at home so I kept myself busy by preparing everything needed for the event. The thanksgiving event was attended by dozens of orphans from the village I live in, at this activity we held a prayer together followed by lunch together. After the activity I took time to rest for a while and clean myself up.


When the wall clock shows the time is 14.30. Wib, I immediately rushed to the office, as a firefighter I always carried out these obligations and responsibilities with full discipline. Today's picket, my friends and I carry out these activities with enthusiasm, stay alert, disciplined and full of responsibility.





While on guard, what I do with my friends is to be on standby while talking, after some discussion is finished, suddenly the office phone rings. A friend of mine picked up the phone and received the news that there had been a fire, when we got the news we immediately went to the scene.

Upon arrival at the scene, we were immediately tasked with extinguishing the fire, a task full of risks that we carried out together until it was finished. We managed to save one house unit from the disaster, the fire almost burned the house due to a short circuit in the AC, the AC suddenly exploded and released a fire in the permanent house in Cot Gapu Bireuen Village.

After the task was finished, we went straight back to the office to continue with our next duties and responsibilities. The tasks we went through together at the office were filling water back into the fire fighting tanks, cleaning the watering hoses and washing the car clean. After the activity we immediately rested for a while but remained alert on duty.

When the night went to the bed, me and some friends at the office returned to their respective homes, this was because our schedule on duty had finished, we would continue these activities in the morning the next day. The activities I do at home are cleaning myself and changing clothes and enjoying dinner with my family, then taking time to rest for a while.



When the wall clock shows the time is 21.00. Wib, I stepped foot for a moment to the coffee shop to enjoy the black drink. The place I stopped was Cafe Esempe which is located in downtown Bireuen, when I arrived at the place, my friends who were there were waiting, I immediately joined with my friends enjoying espresso coffee drinks at table number 34.

We talked about many things that beautiful night, we discussed the development of the COVID-19 case in Bireuen, sometimes we also joked which occasionally brought deep humor. My friends and I ended up at 23:00. Wib, then we returned to our respective homes to go to a complete rest from various activities.

That is the journey of life that I have gone through, hopefully it will be beneficial for all of us.

Saleum Aneuk Nanggroe.