Osiris - The Storm skate video

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Classic Skate Video!

Hello fellow skaters and Hiveians,

I wanted to do a bit of a skateboard video series that would get us all hyped to go out and skate as kids.

This edition is one of the coolest videos that came out at the end of the 90’s. It’s from the skate shoe company called Osiris. They weren’t my choice of shoes, they had ones that were huge, gawky and looked brutal in my opinion lol don’t know if they are still around as a company but they had a badass team of skaters back in the day!

Some of my favorites have to be Jerry Hsu, and Peter Smolik they really tore it up.

What do you think, was that some awesome 90’s skating?!

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I'm going out with my kid on a penny and a longboard on evenings. I haven't had so much fun since kid.

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Nice, longboards are a lot of fun to chill and roll around with! Enjoy!

Such a classic man! Peter SMolik's and Brandon Turner's part is just insane!
Keep em coming bro! I love 90's and early 2000's videos!

Oh man yeah I liked Brandon turner I forgot about him too! Some of these dudes ripped it up back then, brings back memories!

Video's coming up unavailable, but I remember watching it back in the day. I've rode BMX since around '01 & used to love watching all the skate & bmx vids. Used to download them all on mIrc...those were the days.

Thanks let me find out if the link is broken! I was using my phone so it’s a mobile link.

BMX was fun but I think more dangerous, it scared the hell out of me lol

Kind of annoying, the embedded video doesn't work but in the app it works fine.

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