Finally with my board, surprised I thought it was only one and managed to have 2- SKATEHIVE.

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Hello friends, welcome to another post, today I will show you the primitive table that I told you about in previous posts, I thought it was only one table but there are two, that really is good news.

I will have material for a while, to make a lot of videos and go for new missions and new tricks.

And at this moment these two tables fall into a difficult time, the economy, the country, the situation is somewhat tight and with these two tables I am sure that I will be able to create content for a while, my friends.

Those who have followed me for some time know how difficult it is to get things here and that despite everything I have never stopped my work and my presence in this community.


I know you are happy that I have these boards, I am as happy as this symbolic day in this community when I received my board package! a lot of content is on the way folks.


I will be on HIVE, SKATEHIVE and Dtube for a long, long time.




Fantastic, I love the idea of that fresh board feeling!

Man I’m sorry to hear that getting goods and things in to the country is hard. Must be a strain on day to day life.
Is Hive managing to help you ok at the moment?
Managing to keep your head above water?

yes brother at this time, and previously, I always have to be selling to buy food and things like that, but this only motivates me to continue creating content, and put faith in HIVE and DTUBE brother.

Wow man, amazing that Hive is able to support you.
Keep it up, I’ll support you where I can 👊🏻

Bro, I'm so happy for you! You are a real hero !!!
I can't wait to see some crazy tricks!!!!!
keep surprising us!

thanks brother the next trick will be, bs kickflip I hope to achieve a very clean.

Dude, that Mcclung board is so beautiful and I am so happy about you bro! 2 boards are always better than 1 hahaha!

Can't wait to see what tricks you're gonna try out G! I smell Bs bigspin off the kicker and Bs Tail/Smith?!?

Brother believe me I'm happy, I think I will be able to do many new tricks, I want this quarantine to pass here because we will make a new module I think I will learn many tricks and I will make thousands of videos with those two boards.

wow nice board u got there

Thanks my friend!!😊

would to love to see great skating videos from you...

brother in my profile there are many videos you can also enjoy them on my Dtube channel and also on SKATEHIVE you can see all the skate content of the community.

the skateboard looks amazing

Yes friend they look incredible.

try different tricks with it...

I'm sure I will do a lot of tricks and videos.

this will motivate you to keep skating

Of course, brother, thank you for your comment.

beautiful skating board..

if they really are beautiful.

I ride a Santa Cruz now but as long it s a new board i m more than happy about it!
Let s see those clips!!!!