Grateful with this love called SKATEBOARDING.

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Hello friends, today I wanted to share this photo, which for me has a lot of style, I remember that it was a world day of skate and go, every day that passes I am grateful for this way of life, which frees us from all stress, from problems We only think about skating and enjoying.

Every time I go a day without skating, I think it is a lost day, because maybe that day I could learn something new, I am off, for lack of motivation I hardly see Ramon, my friends are off, and I really want to turn on again I will do all the power for myself and for all those who have followed me since I began in this great community, brothers.



Enjoy the skating my friend! Do it as long as you can, it’s a lot of fun and it’s great to connect with your friends!

Yes brother, skating with friends is what I really like about skateboarding.

SKATEFORLIFE brother! I hope you get to skate with your homies like you used to soon. This f*cking Covid-19 destroyed everything!

P.S Looking good and stylish my G

If brother really all build everything from scratch, I haven't been skating like before and believe me I feel very rusty.

You'll get your tricks back in no time G. You are a really talented skateboarder so don't worry!
Just wait for this Ronashit to end and then it's time to SHRED

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