Great friends project - @almasskateboarding.

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Almas skateboarding, it is a project of a very close friend, he is an excellent person and a great skater is called hector quintero, he is really a trick machine, for a while now, he had the idea of a clothing brand, he had many plans But something always went wrong, until he decided to come out with a batch of about 10 shirts.

And wow they gave me one, this name is great for us skaters here on the island, despite the economic situation of the country we never leave the love of skateboarding so we will always be souls in what is called SKATEBOARDING, thanks for reading friends.

This photo was taken in a spot called ANFI THEATER, in pampatar, soon I will make a clip for you to know, I plan to do the vlogs from before, but after I find the computer and the gasoline returns, the cars do not work for lack of gasoline , but I do not want to close this post, with negative things about my country, skateboarding does not bring out all this sadness, ALMASSKATEBOARDING.


Looking good on that yellow T-shirt bro!