Great gift, now I can skate a long quiet time. Sponsor?

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Friends I'm super happy, I'm so happy that I feel like I'm a sponsored skateboarder, hahahahah lie, but yes I'm happy and inspired by this great gift that I just received.

I received two boards, two packages of wheels and two waxes, sent by a friend who is in the United States, I also have the Jart board that my friend Haupman sent so well I have material to work for, I am really motivated by these friends, no you know how much, thanks for stopping by and reading this little post.



Congrats for receiving those gifts!

Hermano que bueno, ahora si podras estar tranquilo un rato, y gracias por las ruedas que me diste esa vez hermano.

YES BRO! I am so happy for you! Keep shredding and filming for your new video part man!
Much love yoooooooooo

That's so GREAT NEWS bro!!!
Let's skate and filming for some NEW clips and for you PART of course!!!