I always respect my friend Dalbert, my mentor in the skate world.

in hive-173115 •  3 months ago 
Hello friends, today I will not publish a video, I wanted to dedicate this post to a great friend, a person who has spent a lot of time teaching me a lot about this great lifestyle that is SKATE, my friend Dalbert, a skater who did a lot of tricks , I think a while ago I managed to show you a video of photos of him, but well here I share this beautiful FS BLUNTSLIDE one of his favorite tricks, currently he is not skating he suffered many ankle injuries, and this one in Argentina we still keep in touch, I hope enjoy this sweet image friends.


This photo is about 7 years old, Great photo, SKATEBOARDING NEVER DIE.

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Hope he recovers soon!

I hope your sensei can skate again soon bro!