I changed my trucks, for ones that go according to the board.

in SkateHive3 months ago


Hello friends, how do you know this new board and it is much larger than the one I had before, the truth is that I still haven't gotten used to it completely, and my trucks are too small on this board.

It really is somewhat uncomfortable. I feel that the board looks much bigger, since the trucks are small, I think you can see it in this image.


so I put these trucks on, which I am sure are the exact measurement for this board.


They are independent, they are heavy, very heavy, but I think this board will do well, the truth has been difficult for me to get used to this board, it weighs a lot and my legs get tired quickly, I just hope I can get used to it and be able to enjoy it.




You are gonna get used to this board easy G,no worries!

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thanks friends.