Nick Holt A machine to do tricks. Flatground Master.

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Hello friends, welcome to another post for my profile, today I will show you one of the skaters who has the most flatground tricks, his name is nick holt, this video that I am going to share with you, I can remember it as if it were yesterday, the first time I saw him I was shocked.

This video was to see if he was chosen for the great skate game in THE BERRISC, that edition was PRO vs JOE, and it is true that this video years go by and I still watch it, it really impresses me with all the ease that this character does the tricks.

It would be great to achieve all that amount of tricks, skateboarding is infinite when we talk about tricks and combinations, what draws a lot of attention are the tricks and the style that each skater has and this also has a lot of style over the years it has evolved in an incredible way.

NICK HOLT a great skater.

This video is not mine, I upload it so that you can see all the level of tricks that this boy has, and can appreciate this art called SKATEBOARDING AMIGOS, I think I will train several tricks that appear in this video that you say @Knowhow92



This guy is killing it bro! So many awesome flatground tricks and he can do them regular, switch, fakie and nollie lol! He is a monster!

You gotta try that Hardflip 180 Nick Holts does at 2:33!
I am sure you got it brother!