Nollie fs kickflip with my friend ramon - SKATEHIVE FLATGROUND.

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Hello friends. Welcome to a new video for my channel. Today I was with my friend Ramón since he had not appeared in these parts for a long time due to the work, Lately he's been working a lot and finally I was able to skate with him so we started doing nollie fs kickflip, this is a somewhat complicated trick, maybe for many skaters it can be easy, but we are not all the same, so I hope you enjoy this video, The next video I want to try switch bs kickflip is a trick that if I'm not mistaken I have only fallen twice in my life, so it would be good to try it, enjoy friends and see you in a next video.



G, Ramon killing it as always! Speed and signature style!

P.S Copy the embed link of Dtube and paste it on peakd so the video can be visible ;) (Click on "Share" and you'll find it there)

Great kicks!