Remembering is living - One of my worst skating falls.

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Wao friends reviewing some images on my computer, I found this image that suddenly took me to the day that it happened and that I felt something in my leg.

This is one of the worst falls I have had skating, maybe you cannot see the deep because it had a lot of blood, but it was a very deep hole, I voted blood for hours, my mistake was to go home and not go to the doctor, to that they put me some points.

This was trying SWITCH FS NOSESLIDE, I slipped and well I found the edge of the angle, it hurt a lot and it took a long time to return to skate, I had to wait for me to heal completely and more than skate with shores, but well I wanted to share this little story today, thanks for reading, this is part of the job skating friends.


Ah those are the worst! I've gotten some pretty bad cuts on my shin bone (that's what we call it in English) and it's awful!

My worst injury is I sprained my ankle really bad, I couldn't skate for 6 months. I tried a nollie boardslide shove-it out and I rolled my ankle then my back foot took the board and pushed it further, rolling my ankle even worse. It was massive! The doctor said I would've been better off breaking my ankle. To this day my ankle clicks when I walk up and down stairs, it's brutal!

I think the most difficult thing to recover from an injury is to gain confidence again.
Being out of the game due to injury is having a bad time.

Yeah! That’s for sure man, I took a long time to get the confidence to do some tricks again. I still to this day have never tried the board slide shove it out!