Second trick for my video part - what trick will it be?

in SkateHive2 months ago

pop mnii.png

Hello friends, today I leave you a small riddle for those who follow me, I wanted to upload the video but I wanted to put a photo first to see if they guess what trick this could be, I will give you a clue it is a new trick, boy, it cost me but what Enjoy, this would be the second trick, but the first one that fell, because the hardflip did not fall.

The trick is:

Fs pop shove it manual?
Pop shove it manual?
heelflip manual?
Nollie fs pop shove it manual?

In the background we can see Ramon drinking water hahahahaha.



It it's new then it has to be the Heelflip Manual bro but please don't spoil what it is! I wanna see it in a video first!

Quiet, not everything is a spoiler, my brother, it is a video that I will release in December, hahaha good things are coming.

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