Curating Skatehive post with Sportstalk tag #1

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I have mentioned in one of my posts about my intention in supporting the skateboarding community on Hive platform by curating those with sportstalk tag.

skatehive banner.png

I have over 6-million staked sportstalk tokens so this is simply an additional reward for posting content related to skateboarding.

Sports tokens are tradable on hive engine so you are simply getting extra reward for support skateboarding content.

@skatehive is a supportive community under the leadership of @knowhow92.

There are many passionate skateboarders that showcased their talents on hive platforms and his initiative has helped to support their content.

Below were some of the recent skatehive content with sportstalk tag that I have curated.

Join the recent Skatehive Contest

Skatehive has organised an ‘Olympics & Skateboarding’ Skatehive contest.

Share about your idea of skateboarding beign and Olympic sport as well as how it will affect the skateboarding culture.

Anyone can join this contest even if you are not a skater.

Check out the above contest that ends on 26 May 2020.

This is just a short curation update for my new initiative to support skatehive content that includes both skatehive and sportstalk tag.

Skateboarding has become a recognised sport globally and many parents are now allowing their children to take lessons to learn this sport.

Let’s support the Sports content on the Hive platform so that it is a content-rich platform.

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Thank you for your support and for spreading the word about our latest contest @delegate4upvot!

United we stand

You're welcome. Hopefully my regular sportstalk supporters will notice this. I was even thinking of giving your contest winner a 100% upvote which will give a nice amount of sports token for a post. Let me know if you like this for the next contest.

Thanks for the shoutout man!
Appreciate it.
Much skate love and #SKATEFORHIVE

You're welcome