Inspiring Skateboarding Girl

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This is my first post in the skatehive community.

I may not skate personally but I would like to share about Sky Brown who represented Team Great Britain in the Tokyo 2020 Olympics and she is the youngest Olympic athlete to go through all the qualifier competitions to get herself into the summer games. (Due to Covid-19, Olympics 2020 will start next year July 2021)

In the videoclip, she shared that ‘Be Brave, Be Strong and Do It Cause You Love It’ are really inspiring words.

Video Source

She may have fallen many times during her training but her passion to skate has moved her forward to where she is today in her skating skill.

Video Source

We can see how much she enjoyed skating and her passion pushes her to sharpen her skating skills constantly.

Hope you like this first post about this inspiring young athlete in skating.

I really enjoy her skating and I decided to make a post in the skatehive community.

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She is indeed an inspiration @delegate4upvot.
I've been keeping an eye on her the last year and she is progressing so fast!
I've been skating for over 15 years and I swear the god kids these days are learning SO FAST!

Thanks for sharing man and welcome to #SKATEHIVE!
Much skate luv!

Thank you very much for your encouragement for my first post on skatehive. She caught my attention too when I first noticed her skating skill and passion.

A-M-A-Z-I-N-G !!!!!

Thank you very much for your positive comment for my first skatehive post.

You'r welcome man! Keep going.