‘Olympics & Skateboarding’ SkateHive Contest

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This is my entry to the Skateboarding Skatehive content that anyone can participate by giving your comment about whether we like the idea of skateboarding beign and Olympic sport and how it will affect the skateboarding culture.

Below is the contest post that you can find out more about the contest.

My personal opinion

I personally feel that skateboarding was viewed as the gathering of people who would skate for fun with no seriousness by many older generations who do not skate.

The truth is skateboarding requires lots of skills and repeated practice to get the right moves.
Many skateboarders have many injuries due to falling in the process of sharpening their skills.

With Olympics as a platform to level up skateboarding as a professional sport, the mindset of many have changed.

Video Source

We do not see parents sending their children for skateboarding lessons many years ago but parents are willing to do so as they see skateboarding as another form of sport.

Skateboarders can have a vision of participating in Olympics in the future if they ever can become professional skateboarders.

There are many passionate skateboarders that skate for leisure as well as a way to cope with their stress but they can now skate also with a dream of Olympics in the future.

From the culture of leisure play, it becomes a serious sport with a bright future if skateboarding skills are leveled up to professional standard.

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Thank you for participating @delegate4upvot

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