Train Station Staff Was Suspended For Pushing A Skateboarder


A train station staff was suspended from his job because he had pushed a skateboarder who had skated at the train station.

It was definitely against the rule to skate at the train station but pushing the skateboarder suddenly could have resulted in serious injuries.

With the power of social media, the management did not cover up the issue but it had decided to suspend the duty of its over-reacted Staff.

Video Source

From the videoclip above, we could see that the youths were really excited to get themselves in the news for this unexpected incident.

On the other hand, we can agree that the train station staff was trying to be responsible in his job.

I was able to see from the videoclip that there was a security guard but the security guard did not do anything while watching this whole incident.

As a skateboarder, one may feel that the train station management is doing great justice.

As a working adult, one may think that the train station staff was just being extremely responsible but he was not rewarded for doing so.

There are always two sides to a coin so it really depends which side that you are looking at.

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