Another Trick for M.C. #1

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Hello to everyone

Welcome to another post on my blog.
Today I will show you one more trick for November Challenge.

Nightmare Flip

About this trick:

I was trying to land it in line for over half an hour but I did not succeed then I tried steadily on my skate and landed it on 1st try but my friend @tomig did not film it. (It's okey, next try).
Finally after another 20 minutes I landed it, not so good but I think it count.

What do you think?
Tell me on comments.


Thank you @tomig for your help and your patience!

Thanks for your support !
Thanks for the time you spent reading my post and my blog.
It means a lot !



You hadn't even told me to start filming when you clearly landed the trick😂


Doesn't count bro but it was so close! Also, chill ;) No need to get angry over a trick! Hehehehe!

I know bro next tine!
The last 2 weeks I make skate with my nose for tail because my tail is so chip!