Re-fresh an old Grind | Monthly Challenges #1

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Good morning to everyone!

In today's post I will show you an old Grind which I did refreshed yesterday for November Challenge!

28.11.2020 1st thumbnail.png

Non-landing tricks for the November challenge:
  • Bs Bigspin
  • Fs Bigspin
  • Tailslide
  • Bs Crooked

Better (Fs 180 50-50 grind)

  • Double Varial Flip (Nightmare Flip)
  • Halfcab Double Flip
  • Fakie 50-50 grind
  • Better Switch Frontside and Backside Shuvs
  • Better Nollies

I hope you like the following video!

More videos are coming!


Filmed by: Deppie
Music: "Feeling" Real Chill Smooth Hip Hop Instrumental / Rap Beat (Prod. Contrary Beats) 2017

Thanks for your support !


nice balancing broo👍

Hahahah! Loved the "Thug Life" outro man! Gold!

Very clean 180 50-50 brooooooooooooo! Maybe it's time to try a fakie fs bigspin out of the 180 50-50 like my homie Paul does? It's his favourite trick 😉

Thank bro I'm glad you liked it.
Hmm I will try for December Challenge😉😉