Skating on the Ramp!

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Hello to everyone!

Welcome to another post on my blog after a long time.
In today's video you will see some sick tricks on a ramp.

noseslide thumbnail total.png

Press the Play button and tell me below on comments which trick did you like the most?
Big ups to my friends @tomig for his help in filming and @frza.azazel for his help about music!
Check their profiles for more infro!




Nice Tricks...and good Music! 😀

Thank you man!
Mucic by @frza.azazel!!!

You're welcome!
I just welcomed @frza.azazel 😉
Skate on & enjoy Life!

Skate and Peaceeee yo!! I stole the @knowhow92's outro

Which outro is that? 😀

In 0:57 I nearly died :P
Good job bro and really nice music btw!

Hahahaha, thank you bro!
Music by @frza.azazel!!!

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