Niko The Flash - Forest Snowboarding

in SkateHive2 months ago

Winter 2020/21, snowboarding on forest roads and between the trees somewhere in the wilderness of Slovenian mountains.

Niko Lemark, 10 years old, up and coming snowboarding prospect is having major fun blazing his trail through the forest.

Snowboarder: Niko Lemark
Camera: Ervin Lemark
Video editing and production: Niko and Ervin Lemark
Music: Michael Bubblé - Winter Wonderland & Let It Snow

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Enjoy and share.

Thank you!

Better and better


A note to the #skatehive community and @knowhow92.

I know the difference between skateboarding and snowboarding. Yet, ... there is no specific snowboarding community and I think it's too early to create one. Secondly, both sports are freestyle and there is no freestyle community neither. So I put it here.

Freestyle? I think all passionate about sports should stick together and support each other.

When I use the #freesytle label, I am talking about:

  • skateboarding,
  • snowboarding,
  • rollerblading,
  • scootering,
  • freestyle skiing,
  • mountain biking,
  • parkour,
  • acrobatics and trampoline,
  • ...

What is your opinion? Thank you!

This could work Ervin! I am always open to new suggestions! Skatehive is meant for skateboarding so I don't think parkour or acrobatics could fit in this catefory but snowboarding, rollerblading, longboarding and even skiing and scooter can fit in skatehive!

On another note, if you decide to create a "Freestyle" community I could support everyone in the community with some votes from the @steemskate account or people could use the #freestyle tag on their posts and we can show them some support!

What do you think Ervin? Freestyle sports are definitely something to keep an eye on as Hive matures and I am sure more people will join us sooner or later!

P.S Loved every second of the video man! I am so jealous you guys can go out and have fun in the snow! Niko is killing it and sliding your own path down the mountain must feel awesome! Never attempted that since I am not that good of a snowboarder but that's what snowboarding is, freedom!

The young lad has got some skills

:) Thanks.

The interesting thing is, at least for me as his dad, that he thinks through his path in advance BEFORE he dives down the slope. Which is great.

The sport certainly builds character in a way... Allows for quick decision making

Hello, friends. Some subtitles to the video publication above.

This is a sort of experiment on how to properly prepare and publish a YOuTube video, the playlist, th e channel, ...

Not everything is working as expected but I will learn as I go along.

Thank you for your support and patience. Enjoy the video :)

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