Fastest Hill In Manitoba - How We Roll Road Trip

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Back when the Find Hills app was still free, I had spotted these hills in Northern Manitoba that I wanted to skate, but until recently didn't have anyone willing to drive 4 hours to go check them out with me. This year that dream finally came true thanks to some new skaters who wanted to find bigger hills, and the hills didn't disappoint! This was one of many hills in the Asessippi Provincial Park, which is a large valley in the middle of the prairies, but I believe this is the fastest hill we could find!

Keep in mind we hardly even pushed into this, and I was hanging onto Tanner who had smaller wheels for half the run, so I think I could have gone a fair bit faster had I taken a full push into this hill. That being said, I would have never thought hitting 81.7km/h in Manitoba was possible, until I found this hill! Guess it just means I'll have to come back to break my own record at a later date!

Hopefully next time with the full How We Roll / Scam Skate crew!
Huge shout out to Scam Skate for making such a stable board! I couldn't have done it without you guys!


That looked terrifying XD

Bombing down hills was something I never really got into. Probably because I lived on top of one and had too many tumbles and altercations with vehicles (after actually running into a car once I stopped bombing altogether) and didn't like the going back up afterwards thing XD


Yeah bombing a hill is no joke! It took me years to get to this point, part of which is skill, but also understanding how to setup my gear for what I am planning to do. I adjusted my gear several times before I could take the full hill in speedtuck position, without getting speed wobbles.
Another important thing that I learned before starting big, was to learn how to slow down, or stop, at any speed. I started out slow, then slowly worked my way up to being confident to slide at my top speed, which is now above 90km/h. Also if I mess any of that up, I have a full leather suit, spine protector, and full face helmet. So usually I get up fine.

Glad to hear confirmation that you're wearing full safety gear for this 😆 (I just assumed you were because I like assuming the best but some people 😱)

How are your wheels after sliding at that speed?

Hardly even broke the skin of the wheel. I was very surprised.

Wow O_O you either have some tough wheels or just wheels in general are tougher than I thought XD

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Damn dude. That was crazy. I don't think I would have the balls to take that hill that fast. With my luck, I would crash and break all the bones in both my arms.


The key to surviving a high speed crash is good pads, or a leather suit, and slide gloves. Most of your energy gets dispersed by you sliding, so it feels about the same as just falling over. Unless you land wrong, or hit a solid object, such as a car.

Ya, the running into a car thing scares me about doing this type of thing. I see people bombing down the canyon roads here all the time and they get hit every now and then.

Oh dope, minus the being hit by cars part. Where you live?

I live in Utah

I think I might know a skater or 2 in Utah.

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