I'm Sponsoring A Longboard Race In The Philippines! Should I Make A Proposal?

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If you've been following me for a while, you've probably heard me talk about some of my ideas of where I think Hive could go, and what I think we can do to get there. One of those ideas was to get a company to create a powerful Hive account, then sponsor a longboard race, thus exposing the contestants to crypto, and of course Hive. However that has yet to happen, and I'm still one of the only longboarders I know on Hive.

Time To Put My Money Where My Mouth Is!

I've been following a skater from the Philippines named Sigmat Womps, ever since I became aware of him thanks to a fellow skater. In an effort to grow the sport, and help a fellow rider out, a legend in the sport gave his old camera to Sigmat to help him make videos. I immediately became interested since one of the things I would like to use Hive for, is to help skaters in poor countries make money off creating content, so they can skate more! He mentioned that there is a race coming up in April, so I figured now was the time to put my money where my mouth was, so I offered to sponsor the race!

The Race

At first I thought this was just a small race, cause he sent a picture of 3 dudes skating, and said it was for his birthday. Then to help raise money to give to him for adding to the prize, I asked him to send a video, which is the one you see at the top. Then I realized this event is actually quite big, and draws a fairly large crowd of spectators!

I'm also going to try to get my friends from Scam Skate on board, and see if Ley can make it to the race to represent team Scam Skate, and How We Roll! Hopefully we can maybe even send them a board to give away as a prize, and get Scam Skate some good exposure too! Who knows, if this goes well, maybe I'll finally convince them to be the first longboard company to join Hive!

Would This Be Worth Of A Proposal?

I feel like applying Hive to real world applications is really important, as well as making Hive more exciting, and to bring people on board, but would this qualify for a proposal? It would be nice to know that I will be giving them a certain amount of money for prizes, rather than earning it and finding out later. However if I just give away the money, and no one ends up joining, I'll feel extra bad.
I'm thinking it can't hurt to try and fail, rather than not try at all, but I wouldn't mind hearing everyone's thoughts on this.

##. P.S Other contest is delayed, but it's still on!

The other contest with Inside Line is delayed, due to the fact that they are not getting many submissions, probably because most of North America is frozen right now. 🤷‍♂️ So we're just going to push it back to when everyone can participate.

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I am in!!

You can propose whatever the hell you feel like man! That's why the Hive DAO exists! To get your proposal funded is another story though!

Love the idea man, let me know if there is anything I can do to help!

Oh, and I just realized it costs 10HBD to make a proposal, so I first need to buy some. I'm going to maybe do a bit more research before I pay to make one, and risk it not getting funded.

ey they put RATM music in the video, they got my support! :D

I think it's a great idea to sponsor the race. Maybe just do it like a real sponsor and have Hive and Leo banners on the course or something like that, but I wouldn't want to produce too much waste by printing flyers.

Anyways keep me updated, I might chip in with a really small amount (I'm a poor guy :D)

This is massive. And they are quite good too :)

If you make a proposal I'll certainly vote for it.