New SkateHive Live Episode Tomorrow - Sept 12th 10am GMT-5


SkateHive Live

SkateHive Live is the new community podcast, hosted by me @howweroll, AKA The Longboard Hive. Last week I ended up doing a solo podcast, as the scheduling didn't work out with the planned guests, but this time we have our time zones figured out.

Tomorrow's Guest

The guest tomorrow will be @downhill254, who is fairly new to Hive, but a very well known person in the longboarding community. He's made a name for himself by doing honest product reviews, as well as creating a large library of very detailed lessons on anything you can do on a longboard, on a hill.
It's because of his amazing work for the longboarding community that I wanted to get him onboard with #SkateHive, not only for what he can bring to Hive, but also to use Hive to support the work that he is already doing! I'm looking very forward to sharing our conversation with you tomorrow.

Where to watch
This will be streamed live on my Odysee channel, and then later uploaded to YouTube and instagram, for more exposure.

Missed episode 1?

Here you go: