Burning Hot Skatehive Vlog 🥵

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Skateboarding in 33°C can be both frustrating and fun! For me it was pure fun today!


I have so many stuff to take care of before I move to Thessaloniki city next week and I had some free time between 14:00 - 16:00 so I decided to go skate the park.

It was too damn hot and I thought I was gonna die at first but after 10 minutes of skating my body got used to the high temperature and I was shredding like nothing was going on!

I also landed a couple of tricks I've never landed before. Not so clean but I'll take them!

Enjoy today's #Skateboarding #Vlog

Thank you all for watching and supporting me my friends, means a lot.
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Ohh fuck!
Flip on grass gap it was so high!

Thanks man! I do not do Kickflips at gaps but this one was a good one!

Sweet tricks as usual ;)
33 degrees..just right :p

Hahah! Thanks for your support bro <3

You're welcome :)

A session with a lot of sun and a lot of heat brother, but with great tricks, I love that fs blunt bigspin out and the flip fs boardslide shove it, incredible brother, try fs blunt 270 out.

Hell yeah G! That's next in my list! I wanna learn good fs blunt to fakies first and then the battle is ON!

Dude that was fucking ace. The kickflip to grind on the rail is blowing my mind. I’m struggling with a normal kickflip let alone some of the amazing things you were doing! 😍
Awesome to watch, and that heat looks unbearable!
You make it look effortless.

Best of luck with your move in a weeks time and I hope it brings positive things 🤙🏻

Thanks a lot @Ashtv! I somehow can land the Flip fs boards 8/10 times I try them! I guess it's muscle memory! Hehehe!

Got a ton of stuff to do for my move but once it's all finished I can finally skate different spots and provide the #Skatehive fam with fresh footage straight from Thessaloniki!

Cheers man and thanks for your support <3