Finally a Skatehive Vlog - Street skateboarding at #SKG Campus

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After a long 2-months break, I finally present you a fresh #Skatehive Skateboarding Vlog!

Don't get me wrong, I upload skate clips in our skateboarding community daily but filming and editing a skate vlog is a completely different story. It takes time, concentration and of course the right motivation.

I had a blast filming and editing this video though and I think that shows by the way I skated and talked to the camera. I forgot how awesome it feels to film vlogs so I'm definitely gonna share more of 'em in the future.

Click play and enjoy my skateboarding adventures.


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hell yeah, super fresh man!
i love when you do vlogs hahaha

Thanks a lot brother ❤️

Skate vlogs are so much fun to film but so hard at the same time hehe!

totally feel you

Ante geiaaaaa !!
Chill and awesome tricks brother! Back 180, tre, nollie pop shuv at 5 ! ....


Love the music and edit !

Megeia to setup brother !

Thanks a lot man1 Super stoked you enjoyed my Vlog!

Should I go for more vlogs? what do you think?

Love your Vlogs, another Classic 😉
Fresh new Skate Stuff...nice!

Thanks a lot @luca1777 ✌️

Nothing feels better than skating with fresh gear maaaan!





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