Freezing Cold Skatehive Vlog

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It's been almost a month since I last shared a #Skatehive Vlog and felt so good and cozy doing it again.

Sharing short skate edits is fine but skate vlogs are my favourite!

About Today's Skatehive Vlog

It was snowing for 2 days in Thessaloniki city but yesteday morning was so sunny, like Spring. I didn't miss the chance to go out and have some fun with my skateboard so here I am presenting you a Skatehive Vlog filmed in -2℃ and it's a good one 💪


Music : BE FRANKY - 'Good Vibes'

Thank you all for watching and supporting me my friends, means a lot

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Much love and #SKATEFORHIVE

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Hope you warmed up while skating XD I was going to ask if it was slippery out with the snow but I guess not slippery enough if you were still waxing?

Yoooo, if I was 10 years younger I wouln't even bother to warm-ip but if I do that now I am gonna break in 2 pieces hahah!

P.S Wax is my best friend hahaha!


I meant got warmer as it looks pretty cold there sorry ^_^;

I definitely need to lead up to things these days as well, this getting old stuff is nonsense XD

ps - wax must be a skater's best friend, to this day I think my partner still carries some in his bag and he skates less than I do XD

Well, after 16 years of jumping down stuff, my body needs a ton more warm up so getting old is affecting me physically! Mentally, I feel like I'm a teenager hahaha!

Got really warm by the way! Thought of skating with just a t-shirt at some point but I like my new hoodie so much I decided not too! It was more about style hahaha!

Wax everything around you and have fun! Everything's grindable/slideable ;)

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Very nice trick! Seems really hard actually. By the way, any tips for the nose slide? :)

Need to lean all your weight on the nose and keep your shoulders parallel to your board. It's a really easy trick once you get userd to it ;)

Thanks for the support man!