fTR Crew Skateboarding Tour in #SKG

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A couple of my #fTR_Crew homies visited us in Thessaloniki this weekend and skated a ton of street spots around the city.

It's been 3 months since I last met up with any of my friends from Ioannina city due to COVID restrictions so you can imagine how much fun we had!

Enjoy our short "tour" video and feel the vibes


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blunt to fakie was so dope. dude that last line...!! nollie back heel my guy! dude that last spot looks so freakin sick

Thanks man! Last spot is so sick indeed but it's so slippery! I was pushing with all my power to get some speed forthat nollie back heel and my shoe kept slipping every time hahaha!

Glad to see you're back man, missed your skate posts! All the OGs are still here 🍺

Looked like a killer session. That blunt on the curve ledge was the goods!!

Thanks man! Haven't seen my homies for 3 months and I was so hyped to skate with 'em!

Fs Blunt is the real shit alright hahaha! Love this trick!

That sure is the goods! Always a good time rolling with the homes especially after such along time apart tricks are Def going down in the session!

Damn guys you are the best skaters that I seen!!
The spots of Salonika look so cool!!!!!

Hahahahaa! Thanks a ton bro!

Come visit us and skate these spots together!

Soon bro! I can't wait!

skating is always interesting to participate in..

Sure is! Gotta love skateboarding!

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Oh yeah!