fTR_Crew - Light Me Up

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After 1 year in the making, we are proud to present you our new skateboarding project called "Light me Up"

An 8 minutes skateboarding video straight from Greece featuring me and the fTR_Crew Homies.


Edit : Paul

Filmed by the Crew

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Thank you all for watching and supporting me my friends, means a lot.
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Nice work, you guys look like a lot of fun. I like how not everything is perfect as well... Those fancy skate vids with only perfectly landed tricks we grew up with, took the humanity out of skating.

So a very human skate vid. A great thing.

Thanks a lot man and I completely agree!

I also believe that both filming and editing play a HUGE role at how these vids look like! We filmed this one with a Sony PD-170 which is a mini-DV camera!
Me and the crew love old school vibes! Hehehe!

Do you still skate man? You might wanna take a look at @skatehive, our skateboarding community here on Hive :


Not at the moment, I might like to get back into it soon though. I definitely don't have enough injuries on my body. Lol

I was a keen skater when I was 16, now 34. But I shall check out that community nonetheless! 😁

Age doesn't matter dude! Grab your board, ride the streets and you'll feel like a teenager again!

I like your attitude. All the best in Greece!

Thanks man! Same at your part of the world! These are tough times and not just because of COVID!

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Awesome dude I’m gonna check this out later! 8 minutes is tough to get footage for so I’m pumped to check all the skating out!

Awesome dude! That's a project filmed with a Sony PD-170, one of my favourite mini-DV cameras in the whole world! We put a lot of work for this one so I think you'll enjoy it pretty much!

You are gonna love it if you are a fan of Foundations Cataclysmic Abyss video! Wating for your feedback dude!

Damn dude that was such a sick video! Is that a school that you guys were skating indoors? That place looks like a lot of fun but those floors look slippery as hell lol the ledge you can just ride on for tricks is awesome. The no-comply tailslide was awesome hahaha. Some awesome wall-ride's but you busted out that awesome nose-slide shove-it nose-slide that was crazy!

Lots of great footage man, and some pretty wild falls, hopefully no one got anything bad besides a few scrapes.

That spot you are talking about is at Ioannina city university! We skate there when it's cold and it's raining outside! It's perfect and that "no-ollie" ledge is so much fun dude!

No-one got seriously hurt though some rolled ankles and stuff are always part of the game, you know this! hehehe!

Glad you liked our new project dude! It's doing super-well on Youtube! Over 500 view in just 2 days! Woohoooo!


Glad you liked it @cinnartmon! Mini DV cameras are the best to film skateboarding right?

I really like them, surely! The images seems so raw, I love it.


Awesome skating!

Glad you liked it buddy! We worked hard for this one!

It shows!

Awesome brother I have already seen it 5 times!!!!
All tricks are so dope!!

Thanks a lot bro! I've watched it 5 times myself too! hahaahah!

Thanks for sharing your experience with us!

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Thanks guys <3