fTR_Crew - "Mask Off"

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Mask Off- Skateboarding On

This is a short but beautiful skateboarding edit featuring me and my fTR_Crew homie Paul shredding at one of the most iconic spots in Thessaloniki city, the statue of "Alexander the Great".

Sunset, cool temperature and good company. What more could I ask for?

Music : Future - Mask Off

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Some sick skating is what we all need I think! Awesome shit man, shred that statue area hahaha. Especially with the muzzles off!

Hell yeah man, it was an awesome afternoon sesh!

Messed up the cover of this post though, just fixed it!

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El' Aleko...

Hahahha! One of the best spots to skate in #SKG

hope they fixed the lights issue..after dark they ll keep em unlit...

Daaaaamn bro what a sunset to skate...
Amazing flatground with this day!!! 😍

It's indeed a beautiful spot to skate and then relax man! The sunset is epic!

⛅️ got your switch on point @knowhow92 👌
🌪🚲🌪 and what up with that Powell Peralta style bike shit amazing😂😵💣

Hahahha! Thanks a lot man! Been working on my Switch since forever!

This guy with the bike is an OG man! He's like 4 and he does freestyle bmx all day every day!

Sw 360 and sw varial heel, damn brother!
Nice video !!!