G Session [Skateboarding Vlog]

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Yo, what's up people?


I FINALLY skated with a homie!

I've been skating alone for almost a month now due to the Coronavirus lockdown and skating with my homie Nostha felt so f*cking great.
We skated the classic spot I am going to these days and we filmed a bunch of awesome #skateboarding clips.
#Grinds, slides and happy vibes!

Enjoy today's vlog

Thank you all for watching and supporting me my friends, means a lot.
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Link bellow :

Much love and #SKATEFORLIFE

Music : Girl I Like Your Style - Barrington Levy

I do not own the music. All rights belong to the original creators

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Great sess bro! Wanna go to this spot cause i can't find something grind-able near me unfortunately