Going hard at the Local Skatepark

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Hello guys, what's up?


It was about time to go a little bit harder in terms of #skateboarding tricks. I've been skating very chill the past few months so I decided to step up my game and after some warm up grinds n' slides I placed the barrier in front of the 3 stairs and started attacking it with tricks.

Thank you all for watching and supporting me my friends, means a lot.
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Much love and #SKATEFORHIVE

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Brother that nice session, every time demonstrating the high level of skate that you have brother, you know that I really like the style of shores and long stockings, a hug.

Thank you bro! That Nollie Flip at the end was really tough but it was worth it! It wasn't so clean but at least I landed it! Hheehe! A hug to you too bro!

Great tricks bro I like your style!
Nollie flip was so sick and cool! Clean!
I miss skatepark!

I wanna see a Kickflip over it when you return to Ioannina @dikayskate!
Thanks for the comment bro! Cheers!

Hmmm difficult but I'll try bro, skateforlife!!

I will give one brother's advice to another, take advantage of the fact that you have haris close to you, you can learn a lot from the brother greetings.

👊 🤙 Thanks G <3

Thanks a lot my G! I have learnt a lot from @knowhow92 since our first meeting!