GoSkateboardingDay 2021 at Ioannina Skatepark

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Just returned home from my hometown Ioannina and I spend 5 awesome days there.

One of my homies got married, I got to see my family and friends and of course spend GoSkateboardingDay (June 21) at my favourite skatepark.

I didn't film much cause I focused more on having a great time but I did film some tricks at the grass gap!

I hope you all spend GoSkateboardingDay the best way possible and keep on shredding!


(Unsupported https://odysee.com/$/embed/goskateboardingday2021/e927cad161d36a0bd9689426e7e39294a9baa68b?r=kvwHoVWQAPm4ubCJG77ULhuzH4641Evd)


Yoo that tre was really clean! Next time you should try a nollie inward heel on the grass gap :)

I've done one before! Check this video out Tom

Friend amazing 360 kickflip and Sw fs flip wow, very smooth and much powerrr!!!

Thanks a ton brother Ramon!


Amazing tre, clean af sw 180 flip!!
How much tries did it take you to land it ??