Hustling Street Skatehive Clips all day

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As usual, I was out at the streets of #SKG with only 1 purpose. To stack some sweet #Skatehive clips and share them with you brother and sisters!

I didn't get any super-hard tricks but I skated 2 new spots, got 3 clips and I'm definitely coming back to these spots to get some serious tricks soon! Working on a short video part at the moment so stay tuned and hustle them #skatehive clips hard!

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daaamn spot hunter bro!!
The ledge looks like need some wax, it was true street grind tricks, and the rail noseslide was awesome! 🔥🔥🔥🔥

Thanks man! The first ledge needs a ton of wax and a ice and long fs crooked or fs blunt! It's gonna be sick hahaha!

I was also thinking of trying a crooked pop out at the other side of this rail at end but I haven't done that trick for so long! Come skate these spots together bro and gimme motivaton to shred hehehe!

Nice, my man, you handle the difficult spots well!👍

Thanks bro! 28 and still jumping like a kid hehe! Motivation is everything in this life!

28 is still young!😜
But yes, i agree 100%:
Motivation is everything in this life!

Speaking of real life years yes, you are but speaking of skateboarding, maaaaan, my body is destroyed after 16 years of skating hahaha! It's like dog years and human years hahaha!

Haha...that's a nice one, the Skate-Dog Years...1 is like 20 😜

Dude, awesome tricks! You should try some boardslides on that spot where you landed the fifty :)

Thanks man! Boardslides are so hard there dude cause there is no out in this rail! I can always pop out but the spot is really tough and it won't be easy hehe!

I wish i know how to skate,i would have been skating all weekends..

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It's never too late to start rolling and trust me, it's one of the best feelings ever!

yeah!it ll make you stay healthy (if you dont push your limits too far) and also will provide initiative,not to stay at home listening to masked tyranny propaganda rollin co 🤣