I am gonna skate a private skatepark

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That's right!

Kaza, owner of Propagandask8 did his "magic" and today I will skate in "WE", a private skatepark located in the heart of Thessaloniki city.

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"WE" is a private facility in which action sports lovers can have fun! From skateboarding to snowboarding to climbing, there's pretty much everything in there.

Kaza and the owner of "WE" are old friends so we will film a promo video for both "WE" sports center and Propagandask8.

The best part? I can skate this whole place since it's closed "thanks' to COVID!

Oh boy, I am gonna get so creative on my board, that's for sure! I mean, look at all this space that I can take advantage off!

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This place is full of skate-able stuff outside the skatepark area and that's what I love about skateboarding, the fact that everything's skate-able as long as you thnk "outside" of the box!

Unfortunately, I won't be able to share many clips since most of the footage will go towards this promo video I mentioned earlier but I will definitely share some photos and clips from my "adventure' there!

"WE" Skatepark, here I come

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Daaamn son where you find this!!!? Pssssssss k@ula!!!!

Ade geia itane man! Video coming soon

Amazing Bro! Have fun & rock the place!
Looking forward to the videos 🤙

Thanks bro! Coming soon...

😜 Yeahhhh!

This really looks awesome! I'm not much of a daredevil but really used to do some "jumps" with my roller skates. I really miss my skates though.

It's never too late to start riding those rollerblades again!

Hahaha yes that's true. Only need skates first though. My next challenge is now to try ice skates. I live in a tropical country in South America, so no snow. So really want to travel during winter one day and try those ice skates out at least once and maybe skiing and snowboarding hihi
One thing at a time.

Amazing hope we see some photos! Maybe editing in snapseed :p

Hopefuly coming tomorrow buddy! Stay tuned!

Looking forward to it, have fun!!

I am looking forward to some nice clips of some tricks. I would love to see some sweet grinds

Coming soon buddy, stay tuned!

How nice this park, and private!!! @knowhow92
Its not just thinking outside the box, its even how to grind the box ;)

Haahaha,nice one man! It was a blast skating this one! Video dropping today (hopefully)

cool i will check it out for sure :)