I Learnt A New Manual Trick!

in SkateHivelast month

You know how much I suck at manuals but today something AMAZING happened!
I somehow could balance my manual perfect and landed a new trick!


I was cruising and doing grinds and flatground and all of a sudden a manual trick came to my mind! I immediately tried it and went way better than I expected it so I asked my gf to film me some tries!

After a short battle I managed to land a new trick and also landed a couple more chill manuals to hype you up!


Thank you all for watching and supporting me my friends, means a lot.
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Much love and SKATEFORHIVE

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brother what a great trick, it turned out great congratulations, flip manual flip out !!! level up to the moon.

Thanks a lot G, it was the first time I landed a manual that good and it felt awesome!
Much love brother!


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Yo kickflip manual kickflip out. Sick bro, but we can't see clearly the flip out. Only masters will realize it

Thanks a lot bro! Yeah, the angle is not the best but it is beautiful! I like how the sun and sea show behind my trick! Hear the flick and imagine the kickflip.. Hehehe


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That was awesome, congrats!

This should be working now.

@tipu curate

It is and thanks Ervin :D

Hi friend! I'm looking at your profile and it's amazing. I never thought I'd find a skateboard in Hive, and from you I find out that they even have a community. Bravo!!! And the best thing is that you work to improve every day 👏👏👏

Yooooo thanks a lot man! Yeah, I am the organizer of @Skatehive skateboarding community here on Hive! Glad you found out about us!

Do you skate bro?