My Very First Skate Vlog Ever - Ioannina City Skate Spots (Episode 1)

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Hello everyone, what's happening?

I was browsing my clips in my hard drive when I came across this GEM!

Most of you have never watched this video before and it is the very first skate vlog I have ever shared online! The file date says it's from May 2018.
My Very First Skateboarding Vlog - "Ioannnina City Skate Spots (Part 1)

It was originally shared on and since old cideos are not playable I thought it would be awsome to share this one on 3speak and be playable "forever".

OG blockchain skaters like @nicolcron and @stickchumpion might remeber this one. It was a 2 episode series I filmed called "Ioannina city skate spots". Roaming through the city and stacking clips with @illusivelf as my filmed! Good times! The thing I love most about this video is not the tricks or the edit, it's the way I was talking to the camera. I was so shy and I still remember my whole body feeling tight when I was facing the camera! hahahaha!
I am sure you are gonna love this one!

Have fun watching

So what do you think guys? Should I upload Episode 2 too? Tell me what you think at the comment section bellow!

Thank you all for watching and supporting me my friends!
Much love to everyone and #SKATEFORHIVE

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The places are very amazing, brother for real, and boy did you remind me of the first time I spoke in front of the camera, something shy very different from how you speak now, I loved the video brother and that big ollie.

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