New Trick ✔️ - Switch Crooked Fakie Bigsping Out

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What's up guys, how are you?


If you keep an eye on my skateboarding posts then you know I was trying a really hard trick the other day and just before I land it the police came and kicked us out!
Guess what?

I finally landed that shit today and I am talking about the "Switch Crooked Fakie Bigspin out".
After a hard battle, some freak outs and a couple of fail landings I rolled away clean and felt hella satisfied.


Music : The Last Drive - Overload

Thank you all for watching and supporting me my friends, means a lot.
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you rock, bro

Yoooo, thanks man! It wasn't perfect but you know how awesome it feels to land a new trick ;)

surely I do! That's the spirit