One Of These Mornings - Experimental Skateboarding Edit

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Hello everyone.

best of the best.jpg

Me and the crew have been filming a lot the past few months.
I have plenty of footage which I am not gonna use at my next video part so I decided to play with it!

This footage was filmed with a Sony PD-170 and Opteka Titanium 58mm Fisheye lens.


Thank you all for watching and supporting me my friends, means a lot.
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Much love and SKATEFORHIVE

Music : Moby - One of these days

I do not own the music. All rights belong to the original creator.

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Love the jumps around specially around the stairs that was cool stay safe too haha

Thank you so much @blazing!
I'll try my best to stay safe ;)

Your skating is always eye-candy ;)

Thank you bro <3

phenomenal skills in all spots bro!

Thank you bro!