Practicing my Frontside, Backside and Switch Crooked Grinds

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Y'all know how much I love Crooked or K-grinds and it's been some time since I last filmed some.

Today was the day though as I skated one of the most awesome places for technical skateboarding in Thessaloniki city and that's the city hall ledges.

Not only I landed my casual fs and bs Crooked Grinds but I also Switched it up and landed a couple of Switch ones too!


Music : Exyz - Raijin

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Lookin damn good! Literally the most frustrating trick in the world for me(just regular BS, can't fuckin do em no matter what)

Hahahaha!I love Crooks man! For real! Once I lock my truck it's over hehehe!

What's your favourite grind/slide @herbertholmes2?

It's so frustrating to me because I feel like by all accounts I should be able to crooks.. every time I explain I can't it takes everyone by surprise. I've landed a few "crooks" but they were more like crooks taps, just the very end.

I dunno, I guess backside noseslides. Of any variety. Regular ones, slappy ones, switch, it doesn't matter I just love that trick. BS feebles I like as well.

Oh, you're a nosegrind guy haha! I love noseslides/nosegrinds too man but I suck at feebles!

Wating for some #Skatehive videos or photos brooo!

hahaha nooooo no no no. Noseslide. I can't nosegrind for shit. Just like crooks, only when I barely tap the end and 180 out. One motion. Don't think I've ever done a nosegrind without the 180

clips coming!

Man switch tricks always have a different feeling than regular ones...

Definitely! Trying to learn a sw fs crooked fakie shuvit out these days!

Brother I am crazy to see this video I am heading home and I will have my internet stable I will be able to see the videos and finally upload mine, I will test the noseslide switch and then do sw crooked.

Tell me what you think G! I also shared one more skatehive video acouple of days ago and you might wanna check that out too! It's got some really good tricks!

sW Crooked will be so easy for you G!

Yes brother I will make sure to see them all and catch up!
Many friends have told me that sw noseslide is easier, but I really see it easier than sw fs noseslide.

I think both are easy G and sw fs noseslide is a good one to learn if you wanna learn perfect bs tailslides! I also think sw fs noseslide is WAY more stylish ;)

How to Crook variations..DDDDdddddDaaamn!


just do not fall , are trying bro...

I won't hahaha!

you are doing great..

Thanks a ton!