Rough Cut : Haris Housos "fTR Light me Up" (Final Part)

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This is the 3rd and final Rough Cut I'll be uploading at my Youtube Channel.

All this footage was used in the fTR "Light Me Up" video me and the crew released a week ago and since I love the raw sound of skateboarding I decided to make these short 1 and a half minutes long videos.

This footage was filmed all around Greece between 2019-2020 with a Sony PD-170 Mini DV Camera.

We skaters love crispy and old school looking footage and that's the reason we filmed this project with a camera dated back from 2004!
I hope you will enjoy these clips too.


Thank you all for watching and supporting me my friends, means a lot.
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Nice bro!
I'm so glad I was in front of the 1st line.
Noseslide fs shuv to noseslide.
You're the best!!

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