Skateboarding an Indoor Secret Spot with fTR_Crew

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Skateboarding in an epic indoor secret spot with fTR_Crew? I couldn't ask for anything more to get hyped and land a ton of tricks for Skatehive!

Me and the crew skated non-stop for over 4 hours and every single one of us landed a ton of tricks!

I couldn't film everything that was happening around me cause I was more focused in skating but I definitely captured some awesome clips from me and the crew! Such a dope and creative session!


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shiiit! nice spot!

Yeah man! It;s perfect for rainy winter days! Me and the crew love it!


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Damn bro you're back in the city? Can't wait to go skate someday

Gonna head back to SKG in a couple of days but I'll be back and skate with you bro soon! I skated with @dikayskate yesterday! He almost beat me in a game of S.K.A.T.E


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Super! A rest in this format is always a lot of fun. It's never too late to improve your skills!

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Definitely man! I've been skating snce I was 12 and I am 28 and still improving! Progress is what keeps me hyped!

Awesome!😉 🤙

Man, reuniting with my crew?!? Love it!

Happy holidays brother! How are you?

Yeah, that's nice! Thanks brother. I'm ok, staying focused in this
crazy world ;)