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After a really hard week of planning and thinking of our next moves, we are finally proud to announce that @SKATEHIVE IS ALIVE

@Skatehive will be our new #skateboarding home on Hive blockchain.
Skateboarding is freedom and since Steem started censoring their users we had no other choice than to completely abandon Steem.

Goodbye Steem, Hello Hive

All the details are explained at the official @skatehive post.
Here is the link :

New Logo


I want to give HUGE shout out to @illusivelf for the logo design! It's just perfect!
What do you guys think?

Join the @Skatehive community

Our community has stand the test of time and we are getting closer to out 2nd Blockchain birthday! Our core consists from people who love skateboarding so if you are one of them feel free to join us!

See ya there


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