Skatehive's "Skateboard Photography" Contest Enty - Blast from the past

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Time flies and I realised that when I was picking the photos I am gonna use in this blog!

This is my entry for Skatehive's "Skateboarding Photography" Contest. If you are into skateboarding or photography you should definitely check it out!

It's been more than 2 years since I met fellow Skatehive shredder @stickchumpion in Barcelona and skated the "Nevermind" bowl together. Stix travelled all the way from London to Barcelona just to hang out and shredd and we had a great time!
That's Skatehive for you Ladies and gentlemen.

Here is a photo of me, @Stickchumpion and fTR_Crew chilling all together!


The photo bellow was also shot in Barcelona by Julien Deneau while I was trying a Nollie Bs Heelflip Down the M.A.C.B.A Big 3! I never rolled away clean so this photo reminds me that I have some unfinished business at my next trip to Barcelona 😉 Gonna stomp that sh*t next time!

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In case you feel like watching some quality skateboarding then you can check our tour video.

This Mellon Grab photo was shot by Yiannis Dinos while we were filming for an old project called "Knowhow to play".


I almost never skate transitions but this night I somehow could fly off the copying! I landed this Melon Grab 3 times with the last land being the most awesome and the one displayed at my photo above!

If you want to watch our project click on the link bellow

Do you have any favourite skateboarding photos or have you ever photographed a skateboarder friend? Then waste no more time and participate in Skatehive's "Skateboarding Photography" Contest.

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Everyone, can't wait for your entries!

Thank you all for reading my blog.

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Much love to everyone and always have fun.

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None of the people I've photographed skateboarding were anywhere near that good XD

Hehehe! Why don't you participate in @Skatehive's latest contest and share with us us more about these photos? 😉

nice story and pictures!

Didn't know you could Melon Grab that high, though! Good to know hahaha
When are we meeting somewhere to skate?


Man, I was talking about this with a fellow skatehiver the other day! When our crypto bags moon then we should definitely arange a Skatehive Tour and meet somewhere in between, like Spain, and film an awesome tour video!

That would be dope, right?

I'm totally in for it hahahah Childhood dream coming through via cripto - thanks blockchain!