Skatehive "Wild in the Park 2020" Event is TODAY - See you at Ioannina Skatepark

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It's Going Down Today

For a second year in a row, @skatehive along with #Propagandask8 and @Kasajohn are organizing the "Wild in the Park" Contest for our young friends and for all the OG skaters around Greece.

@Skatehive "Wild in the Park" Contest 2019 Video

As you can see, an event of this magnitude is a HUGE Deal.
More than 100 people attended the contest last year and our Youtube video has more than 790 Views.

@Skatehive "Wild in the Park" 2020

First of all, I wanna state that I organize this contest just for the love of skateboarding. I do not earn a penny from this event but I earn satisfaction when I watch kids getting hyped and trying their best to land much harder tricks than they normally do.

Contest are all about healthy competition and that's what we are trying to do today. Push the younger generation and show them how they can have a ton of fun with just a skateboard.

Actually, let me tag some of the young homies that will participate today so you can show them some love.
They are all pretty active on Skatehive and I think they will do more than fine at today's event. Their names are @dikayskate, @zagorisioss, @mitsakossk8 and @teo.stamos.
Good Luck Boyzzzz

The Event

The Event will be divided into 4 parts

  • 2 Best Trick Contests for -18 (boys)
  • 1 Best Trick Contest for our ladies
  • 1 Game of S.K.A.T.E Contest open to everyone

The prizes


These are the prizes we are gonna give to the contest winners!

Closer Look at the Prizes

Sweet #PropagandaSk8 Tees
Get yours at


#PropagandaSk8 Cruiser and a Ton of @Skatehive Stickers


2 @Kasajohn Free Piercing gift vouchers and Stickers

Time to go now #Skatehive and #Hive fam. I need to be at the skatepark in 1 hour and I have yet to take care of everything lol! Gotta blog on #Hive first (real addiction lol).

Good luck to everyone who will participate and I'll keep you guys updated. I'll share some photos of what's going on at the contest if I find some free time in between contest breaks.


Thank you all for reading. As a full-time online hustler, supporting my content allows me to keep doing what I love.
Much love to everyone and always have fun.

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Awesome! All the Best...looking forward to the videos ;)

Coming soon bro! It was epic!

Nice ;)

Right on! Congratulations for everyone!!!

Thanks man! Just returned home! It was a blast :D

Right on!!!

2 and a half more hours till we shred the contest can't wait!

See you there buddy!