Skatehive "Wild in the Park 2020" Event Photos and Results - DOPE TIMES

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What's up #Skatehive and #Hive Fam?

Skatehive "Wild in the Park 2020" Event was a HUGE success and it's time to share a "Sneak Peek" of what went down last Sunday at #Ioannina #Skatepark.

(Learn more about the contest here :


More than 100 people attended and more than 30 skaters in total participated in Skatehive "Wild in the Park 2020" Contest.

It was awesome


Shots from the Contest

Most video footage and photos were shot with way better equipment than my potato mobile phone but here are some shots I captured while I was hyping up the youngsters to try their best!

DIKAY 5050.png
@dikayskate doing a 50-50 grinds down the 3-stairs Hubba for the Best Trick Contest

stamos sw heel.png
@teo.stamos doing a Switch Heelflip down the 3 stairs for the Best Trick Contest

@zagorisioss getting ready to hit that curb for the Best Trick Contest

Contest Winners

I am more than proud to announce that 2 members of our skateboarding community (@skatehive) won 1st and 2nd place at "Boys Division Best Trick Contest with a Kickflip at the Grass Gap and a Switch Heelflip down the 3 stairs.
Keep in mind that @mitsakossk8 is only 14 and @teo.stamos is only 15! They have a bright future ahead of them!

Congrats @mitsakossk8

Me and @mitsakossk8 after announcing the contest results. Your fresh #propagandask8 T-shirts looks awesome dude.
Congrats for winning once again

2nd Place - @teo.stamos


Congrats to @teo.stamos for winning 2nd place and getting his hands on that sweet grey #Propagandask8 T-shirt. Your Switch Heel is ON LOCK dude

Girls Division Winner : @Nassioula


Congrats to @Nassioula (on IG) for winning the "Girls Division Best Trick Contest" with an 180 down the 3 stairs and a big up to @kasajohn for giving away a free piercing voucher for the Girls Division Winner

Thank you all for coming

The event was a blast and I can't wait for Skatehive "Wild in the Park 2021". This was @Skatehive's 2nd physical event and we couldn't be more happy about how things went.
We had a ton of fun, we witnessed some quality skateboarding and we met up with friends that haven't seen in a while. Good times guys, good times.

See you next year


Thank you all for your support. As a full-time online hustler, supporting my content allows me to keep doing what I love.
Much love to everyone and always have fun.

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Super sweet!!! When is the skate tour?

Haha! When Hive reaches 5$ I am gonna organize a SkateHive tour with paid expenses! Until then, let's just share clips :P

Thanks for stopping by bro!

We gotta get that hive to grow then!!!! $8 hive for all!!!

Was the best day bro!
High vipe!
Again next year now!!!

Glad you ahd so much fun bro! That was the whole purpose!

great brother, I see a lot of people and that's a very good friend, I hope it was a great contest.

Yeah man, the contest was awesome! Video from the contest coming soon G!

Best "best trick" contest I have ever had...thanks for the experience and the beautiful vibes you shared with us

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My Pleasure man! Can't wait for next year! @teo.stamos Switch Heelflip the 8 stairs at Skatehive :Wild in the Park 2021"