Skating a Tree Trunk ?!?

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Skating the park is fun but skating a Tree Trunk is awesome! #Skateboarding and #creativity is one of the best combos out there boys and girls!


So Yeah, I skated a tree trunk today. I discovered that spot a couple of days ago as I was on my way home after skate sesh and today was the day I got to skate it.

The spot was way harder than it looked like and it was the first time in my life I skated something like this but I had so much fun and managed to get away with some pretty sweet tricks!

I won't spoil the fun, click play and enjoy

Thank you all for watching and supporting me my friends, means a lot.
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Music : Tommy Guerrero - 211

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awesome!!! :D saludos!

Gracias brother! Saludos from Greece!

your welcome! :D

This session was really fun, friend.

Thanks Ramon! The last trick felt so good! All it takes is a skateboard and everyone can have so much fun.
Cheers brother!

Great bro but how you have enough time to edit and upload it in a matter of only some hours i can post 2-3 days after filming 😂😂

Hahaha! I am an alien bro! I hope you liked the Nosepong grab into the tree ;)

Here is a tip. I always imagine how I want my new video to look like before I go to the spot so I film only the stuff I need!

The editing is taking me more or less 1 to 2 hours for videos like this one! I've been using editing programs for more than 10 years so I know exactly what I am doing ;)

P.S Upload a profile photo man. I can't stand watching that grey icon anymore lol! hahaha!

@zagorisioss finally man! Loved the photo by the way!

It's a photo kind of from you for steem for tricks so i guess thanks😂🙏🏼